Pike, Malawi


I have a passion about nature; I am a Climate Change and Environmental activist in Malawi.

Flying takes a lot of energy. Burning jet fuel releases a lot of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Greenhouse gases block heat from escaping from the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise just like in a greenhouse.

Air pollution has killed millions of people across the globe. Imagine how many planes have been flying since the beginning of this age… and how many tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions that have been released into the atmosphere? Millions and millions! These have caused more problems from global warming; poor health for humans and other life on earth. 

So flights are contributing much to climate change. If I board a flight, I will contribute more carbon emissions into the atmosphere. If I stay back and avoid unnecessary flights my carbon emissions will be lower.

Pike Ng’oma 
Lilongwe, Malawi

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